VIKING Life-Saving Equipment Trading (Shanghai) Ltd. is a subsidiary of VIKING Life-Saving Equipment A/S, headquartered in Denmark. VIKING provides quality safety equipment an d annual service inspections to the Marine an d Fire-fighting industries an d is a dominant global brand with annual group turnover in excess of USD200 million. VIKING has been selling safety equipment to the Chinese, Korean an d Japanese shipbuilding industry since 1980s. We are growing very fast an d expect to continue to do so.  We currently have sales an d services outlets at several locations in China, incl. SAR Hong Kong, Korea an d Japan.

職位名稱 工作地點 工作經驗 招聘人數
文檔助理 Documentation Assistant 上海市 不限 1-2人
Hydraulic Engineer 無錫市 不限 1-2人
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